Launch Time

You can consider this sort of a launch message. I have added some additional “online presence”, to use the techno-geek-speak, for which I would like to get the word out. Also, not to sound like a broken record, but in case you haven’t heard, I made a, well, not-broken record. In fact, I’m told it’s quite pleasant on the ears. Let’s make that bullet point 1:

1. “Activity”, my 11-track indie record that was released in January, has now been heard hundreds of times at my bandcamp site. Go here and you can stream the entire album for free. It’s also available for sale as mp3 and as a CD!

2. I posted the record to aggregator site CD Baby, which means you can now find me on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify (I’m there – I checked!) and dozens of other sites that sell or give away music. I would be very grateful if you could review, rate, or comment on my album at one of these sites!

3. There have been several updates to my main website, including adding a calendar and a news blog.

4. I have a fledgling Facebook fan page here. This way you don’t have to be my friend to “be my friend”. Or like me to “like me”. Uh, yah.

5. I am rehearsing my songs with a 4-piece band that I am wildly excited about. These guys have so much talent it’s silly. You can catch our debut show at Cathryn Beeks’ (of Listen Local SD) Homegrown Happy Hour, March 29th at Go Lounge in La Mesa. See calendar for more details.

6. Speaking of the lovely Cathryn, her Homegrown Show this Sunday, March 4, will feature one of my songs from the record. Tune in to 102.1 KPRI from 8-9pm to hear me and several other great SD bands and songwriters. You can stream it online, too.

7. I continue to have a fantastic time playing with the superbly talented, energetic and fun rock n rollers Danny and the Tramp!

Ok, enough! That’s all I wanted to say. Have a wonderful day!


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