5/13 show added

Two days until the debut show with the new band. I hope The Go Lounge is made of brick, because if that place is built from straw or wood it’s got problems…

– Come by The Go Lounge in La Mesa this Thusday (3/29) at 8pm to watch us blow the house down and make you cry wee wee wee all the way home

– New show added: Sunday, May 13 (that’s Mother’s Day so bring your mom and buy her a hot toddy) at The Ruby Room in Hillcrest.

– Possible show on my birthday, April 16. More to come if it’s on. By the way, that was what Jim Gaffigan calls a “birthday alert”. And yes, it’s fine that you’re not getting me anything.

– I’d like to call attention to the many great musicians/songwriters I’ve met in the past several weeks, at open mics and at the vday.org fundraiser at 98 bottles: James “Mike” McCullock and Jack “Stretch” Norris aka Tiny Frank, Joshua Napier and Mishelle Banaga aka The Social Animal, The Mike Michaels Program, and Duke Ventra

– I’m looking for used guitar gear (full pedal board, tube amps, Gretsch or Les Pauls). Know anyone who’s selling?

– I’m applying for a permit to vend merch on the street. That means I’ll be busking at Seaport soon (and maybe Balboa Park too, though I can’t sell CDs there). I’ll let people know via calendar and on Facebook the days I’m out there.

– Of my initial run of 300 Activity CDs, I have sold of given away over half thus far! I am confident that one day I’ll make my money back on the production costs but I am still afraid to total up how much I went over-budget in my commitment to quality. I can’t express enough thanks to the Kickstarter supporters who made it happen with their generous donations. I am very proud of what I have created.

Until next time. Much love and gratitude,



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