Birthday show: The Rules

Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night (Monday) at the birthday show at Soda Bar. The Ezekiel Jay Band is on at 10 with Not Machines following at 11! Since it’s my birthday proper on the 16th, I would like to please ask that you respect these rules while at the show:

1. If you must buy me a drink, please wait until after our set, or just shrug and down it yourself. Know those people who play better after they drink? Well for me, I play so bad when I’m drunk that I actually KNOW I’m playing bad.

2. Tomorrow’s secret phrase is “That Ezekiel Jay is so damn handsome.” It won’t get you in free or anything, but feel free to say it to a camera.

3. If asked, John actually knows and may try to play Free Bird. So don’t.

4. Tip well, preferably while looking the bartender in the eye and saying, “That Ezekiel is so damn handsome.”

5. If you are sitting down in one of the booths while I’m playing “I Feel Fabulous”, that’s fine. But be prepared for the stink-eye later.

6. Be safe, no drinky-drivey and respect your own bedtimes. I know it’s a Monday night. I would really love for you to stay for Not Machines if you can, though.

That’s it. Oh, and (7) don’t take any balloons home, those bad boys are mine! Looking forward to celebrating a joyous birthday with you all. As they say, you’re never too old to rock ‘n’ roll. I am too old for a lot of other stuff, though. Like checking in on Foursquare. And planking. Knock yourselves out, kids.