July News and Shows

Got no time to read my whole post? Skip to the important executive summary below! Avoiding doing real work and/or took a lot of ADHD medication today? Read on!

So I’m sure that I’ve seen some classic movie scene where the new kid in prison (he was framed!) has dreams of escaping and all the other prisoners pool their contraband food, tools and cigarettes, tie them in a handkerchief and then gather round and present them to The Kid. And The Kid says, “Why I couldn’t possibly, see? I could never repay you!” And the soot-faced prison gang leader says, “You repay us by climbing out of this hellhole to freedom and never seeing us again, you hear? Do it for us, Kid!”

Well, The Kid has had a good run so far. He’s made it across the state line but the food is running low and the pocket full of buffalo nickels is almost empty. What happens in the movie now? Well, it looks like The Kid might have to find work, something where he can still draw up his big plans late at night in old Widow McAllister’s rented sewing room.

But let me stop speaking in movie allegory and put it plain and simple. After 18 months, I am back in the job market. And the fact that I am looking for a more stable income in no way means that I won’t continue to rock and roll. In fact, it is simply in service of me being in it for the long haul. Ideally, I will find a day job that has a direct connection to music, such as in a music store or a studio. Now at this point, I would just like to let anyone formulating a “Would you like fries with that music lesson?” joke that I thought of it first. And yes, I already know the one where the difference between a pizza and a musician is that one of them can feed a family of four.

In other news, I enjoyed my June, making new friends at Cathryn Beeks‘ songwriter campout and busking in Balboa Park. Both of these activities made me appreciate the the value of having a head full of well-known covers, especially kid-friendly ones. I am still looking for more recommendations on great sing-alongs to learn. Balboa was tough on my voice and my body, but on the days when Sheri’s little nieces were jumping around to my songs it was definitely worth it.

Executive Summary:
1. June was great! And I’m looking for a job.

2. Thank you to everyone in my life who continues to support The Kid in doing my thing.

3. Happy Birthday, America! Thanks for the fireworks and for being a place where I am not only encouraged to live my dream, but I am free to commit career suicide by: singing a horrible rendition of the national anthem in front of thousands and then grabbing my crotch OR adopting the public persona of a crazed, anti-government, bow-hunting lunatic, OR pretending to become a rapper and having someone make a fake documentary about it. Seriously though, all celebrity travesty aside, I do appreciate my personal liberties.

4. Upcoming shows:
Wed, July 11 @ The Belly Up, 8pm. I play with Danny and the Tramp in DnT’s biggest show yet!
Fri, July 20 @ Lestat’s, 9pm. Ezekiel Jay Band opens for Americana songwriter Patrick Norton
Thu, Aug 2 @ The Go Lounge, 7pm. Ezekiel Jay solo acoustic set
Fri, Sep 7 @ HOB. Time TBD. The Ezekiel Jay Band is part of All Access Fest at House of Blues.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


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