A Long-Winded Thank You from Ezekiel Jay

I am up way too early to be doing this, but I can’t help it. I’m still energized and kind of tripping out a little bit at what happened last night. Basically, everyone in The Delta Room at the House of Blues co-created the best Ezekiel Jay performance thus far. Part of it had to do with the fact that lead guitar Ryan Irby and bassist Brock Smith were both on fire. Part of it was the performance by our amazing guest drummer, Justin Wright, who did a great job on Goddess without EVER hearing it before. And the biggest part was that our friends, families, and a whole lot of new faces who packed the Delta Room last night fed the band with your enthusiasm and energy. Shouts, cheers, dancing, and I saw a lot of “sing-along-ing” happening out there, which is both validating as a melody and lyric writer, and comforting as a performer knowing that if I forget the words I can just read lips for the cue!

I want thank all of you for creating that show with us. Everyone who drove a long way to get there, everyone who reached out and brought friends and friends of friends, everyone who may have compared the hassle of making it downtown to the comfort and relaxation of staying home and decided to come out anyway.

It is experiences like this one that inspire me to play bigger, to dig further into what I am fully capable of as a singer-songwriter and what we are capable of as a band. I also want to think all of my “friend bands” who had members there supporting us last night: Danny and the Tramp, The Mike Michaels Program, The Social Animal, The Ballad Mongers, Bosen & Suede, The Accidentals, Winterhawk, The Peripherals, The Focke-Wolves, and probably several others I’m forgetting (or maybe I just didn’t see you – that room was packed!)

Cathryn Beeks of ListenLocalSD continues to be an awesome force of goodness in the San Diego music community and a huge thank you to her for inviting us to play.


Ezekiel Jay


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