The Greatest Day

Ezekiel Jay LogoThere’s a good chance you’re reading this on or near April 16, the greatest day of my (the?) whole year. My birthday. Am I fishing for Happy Birthday messages? Sure, maybe a little. But I did have some things I wanted to tell you, too.

– This time last year I was playing my birthday show at Soda Bar and it was truly wonderful that so many of you came out to party with me. The same goes for the battle of the bands last month at the 710 Beach Club. Thank you all so much for helping us get second place out of 27 bands! I am proud of how far we have come.

– The Ezekiel Jay band will be doing another set at 710 Club on Monday, May 20 and one at the House of Blues on Tuesday, July 9. I will also be participating solo in the acoustic battle at 98 Bottles in Little Italy in June.

– Ezekiel Jay has a new logo created by Scott Thomas of Thomas Creative. It is part of a new look that will be rolling out in the next couple of months with a new website and, yes, finally some EZJ merchandise you can wear and display to show the world you’re hip, mod, and/or boss.

– I was both angered and saddened to find out about the equipment burglary at the office. It was like robbing someone who is in the act of passing out food to the needy. The good news is, they received a lot of publicity and will come back from this stronger than ever.

Danny and the Tramp is about half-way through tracking our record. We’re doing electric guitars this week and engineer Ben Moore will not rest until it’s perfect. I told my guitar fingers that if they don’t perform, they have to wear pink nail polish for a week. They are stressed out and practicing daily.