This takes 63 seconds to read, I timed it!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Ezekiel Jay is giving some serious thanks for a new pad, continued songwriting inspiration, an amazingly talented band (Ryan Irby, Brock Smith, Mike Reedy) and for all the people who are rooting for us to grow into something huge.

I now have ALL of the tracks from Activity as YouTube lyrics videos, so if you want a quick fix of I Feel Fabulous or Goddess, the channel is here!

Fan Drive
Facebook “likes” help get gigs (maybe‚Ķ talent helps way more!) Still, it would greatly help me if you could like this page!

Brick by Brick
The October full-band show at Brick by Brick was one of the best ever. Here’s video of the Zeppelin-inspired “Sun Blind” from that one. Also, Starlit Productions is scheduled to air footage as part of On Location:SD, Time Warner channel 19, Thursday Dec 12 @ 9pm.

Danny And The Tramp
DnT is continuing its ascent towards being one of the best known bands in San Diego. We’re getting great reviews on the All In record. Next show is this (Black) Friday night at Gallaghers in OB. Come work off the turkey with us!

Next Ezekiel Jay show
We’re playing the Go Lounge in La Mesa one more time on Friday, December 13 with the always-stellar Jeff Ousley and the Party Starters. Last show of the year, and we’re debuting two new songs!