The Time I Was Almost Hypnotized

hypnotistMany years ago I volunteered to be hypnotized on stage as part of a comedy hypnosis show at the San Diego County Fair. I was put into a trance and then given the “hypnotic suggestion” that I would start to see nails pop up on the stage floor and I would then take off my shoe and hammer them back into place. I had my shoe off and ready, yet, alas, no nails appeared and I was eventually booted off stage.

So now the tables have turned. I’m controlling the stage at the fair a week from today, and this time nobody can boot me off! Now relax and listen to my voice. You *will* come see us, and each time Ezekiel sings the high note, you *will* clap with your shoes…

The Ezekiel Jay Band at the San Diego County Fair
Saturday, June 14, 2014
2:00 to 3:00 pm
“Coors Light Rock On” Stage, near the carnival

Alcohol is available at this stage and I believe it’s all ages. Also at the fair that day, the wine festival and Out at the Fair. We will see you there. You *will* be there. (snap)