Happy Holidays and Look at Me!

Happy holidays/Hanukkah/Christmas! It has been a great year and I look forward to bringing you a new record and finally some EZJ merch in 2015. More acoustic shows coming, more full EZJ Band shows coming, and more DNT action as well. Speaking of, here’s something to make you laugh from the boys in DNT: “Hey Brah, Feliz Navidad!

And here’s a little something to make you go hmmmmm…

“Look at Me Anyway!”
A journal entry by Ezekiel Jay

I don’t know why I am where I am. How much of it did I choose and how much was chosen for me? Did you ever stop to reflect on your path in life? It was most likely not what you would have expected for yourself ten years ago.

I have reflected on it a lot lately and I am still confused. Some people are born into families where everyone sings and plays an instrument. Some, from a young age, are driven to be the center of attention. For me, neither seems to be true, though my grandmothers were a classical pianist and a chorale singer, respectively (and my uncle plays everything!)

I was married to someone who feels music so deeply that I’m sure our time together shaped me in many ways. I was with another who, I believe, would simply die in a world without beautiful sound. There are others still who have inspired me to feel my emotions more deeply.

But when it comes to making a life that revolves around music, as I have, why do I want to be heard so much? Is it simply ego? Why, when it is (ever more clearly now) so difficult to be recognized in a world filled with talented and creative people, do I believe that what I have to offer is worth working so hard to bring about? I have been told that the Millenial Mantra is “I am special, look at me!” I think my version is more like “Perhaps I am special or just deluded. Look at me anyway!”

Upcoming shows:

EZJ Solo Acoustic: Thursday, Jan 15 @ Bella Vista Caffe UCSD, 5:30-7:30pm
EZJ Band: Tuesday, Jan 27 @ House of Blues Voodoo Stage, 8pm