Feeling elated, and trusting myself!

I love that I am living in this world
Feeling elated and trusting myself

Happy 2015, and I hope your year is shaping up well! I find that I am picking up some serious momentum with Ezekiel Jay this month. First off, I am Listen Local Radio Artist of the Week. Listen to my interview with host Cathryn Beeks here! Also, I have a few upcoming shows. The first is this Tuesday!

EZJ Band: Tues, Jan 27 @ House of Blues bar stage, 8pm
Solo: Sun, Feb 22 @ Kona Kai – Vessel Restaurant 5:25pm
EZJ Band: Tues, March 3 @ House of Blues bar stage, 9pm

Next, I created a questionnaire for you to provide input for EZJ merch and record fundraising for the 2015 album. It takes 20 seconds, I timed it! Please click here.

And finally, the lines at the top are from a little note that sits in a frame in my house. May it inspire you to write a short, sweet note of your own to guide you.



Try this tonight!

Not 2015 yet! One more night for whiskey shots and bar hopping, or staying home and binge watching Game of Thrones or whatever else your heart desires. Part of me wishes I were playing a show tonight and part of me is glad to have the night off. One thing I am going to try tonight, and I invite you to do the same, is to pause for a minute and let my consciousness spread out beyond the place I’m standing. To let it circle the neighborhood, go out beyond the city, and to grow bigger until it’s the size of the entire country. Then let it grow bigger again until it is the size of the earth. To allow myself to be intentionally overwhelmed by the immenseness that is humanity and this planet, and the infinite universe that surrounds it. To be a tiny light among the billions on an interconnected grid of intelligence, action, construction, erosion, joy and misery. To let that knowledge burrow deep in my gut and inspire me for this coming year. Tonight is electric, a display of world-wide revelry that I plan to tap into for a bit. And I must remember: that current of global electricity is always present…

Happy New Year, my friends!