Is Deep-Indie-Soul-Rock a genre?


Because that’s what I am making. This is moving music with bass grooves, organ, horns, delayed indie guitars, and thoughtful lyrics with some unconventional hooks.

But I still need your help to pre-order this album and we can get it made! I am so grateful to everyone who already believes enough in me to buy some merch from the PledgeMusic store.

I’ll let my PledgeMusic site speak for itself. Right here!


Ezekiel Jay


I want you to do this with me!


If I’ve been doing my job halfway decently, you already know what’s coming…

It’s been over three years since I made an album, but now it starts again! I’ve put more groundwork in than ever before and this record is more ambitious than ever. What I am going to create, along with the Ezekiel Jay Band, will be a bit different than before. I believe these songs have more soul, more bass-driven groove, and more indie pop influence as well. With the same introspective and inspirational lyrics as on Activity. Sound complex? Well, aren’t you a bit complex? Isn’t life a whole lot of complex?

I have just pushed the *launch* button on the fundraising/pre-orders. This time, it’s through PledgeMusic, which is just for musicians and I think it’s perfect for what I want to do here. So, I’m asking for a couple of things:

* Check out the PledgeMusic page, watch the video (sneak previews in there!) and then look over the stuff you can buy to help fund this album. If you have any questions, you can even post to the *discussion* section on the site.

* If you believe in this a tenth as much as I do, post the link somewhere or everywhere via your social media outlets. Thank you so much!

The PledgeMusic page is here:

Musically, this will be the biggest thing I have ever done, and I am feeling “in it.” I feel like I am bringing all parts of me: my life learning, my community involvement, my care and gratitude for the people around me. I can’t wait to show you what I have to give.

Love & Happiness,