So What Happened?!

I realize that some of you may not know. Do you really think I would leave you in suspense? So what happened with the EZJ album fundraiser?

For the video answer, click here!! Or read on…

If you check the pledge website now we’re over 100% and that means this record is happening! In the days leading up to hitting this goal and after, I have been so lit up with gratitude seeing how many people want this album to happen. You know that the music is going to be good, you know that I will deliver. You believe it enough to buy in advance.

The first studio session is slated for mid-August, and I will definitely keep you updated with the progress. We’ll get some video footage and I’ll try to remember to have a good time. Because I get a little intense when it comes to the creative process. And meeting deadlines.

Speaking of, time to get cracking on ordering those EZJ shirts and beer glasses (which proved to be quite popular!) If you feel you missed out on the party, you didn’t! You can keep pre-ordering from PledgeMusic up through the release of the record. Every little bit of extra budget for the record will give me more options to work with. It won’t be a studio budget, but it’s gonna sound like we had one!!



PS Best wishes to Danny, lead singer of our SDMA-nominated, MTV-featured original rock and roll band: DNT (aka Danny and the Tramp). We’ll all be at his and Melissa’s wedding tomorrow!



The Final Three Days

We’re down to our final 3 days!

I am filled to the top with gratitude for all of the people who have come on board the record project thus far. My family and friends and even friends of the band I have yet to meet… There are over 75 people already saying that they trust the band and me to do something good with their contribution. And I do want to be trusted and held accountable to make the best album possible in a reasonable time frame. There are advantages to being a little older and wiser than the stereotypical kid with a guitar and a dream. First of all, of the outlaw lifestyle triad of Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll, I am only going to be spending the pre-sale money on the last one. I also understand the importance of reputation and maintaining good relationships. In short, I don’t wanna screw this up for any of us.

We are 89% of the way to funding this record. I know some of you want to pitch in and can’t right now, and that’s all good! I also know a few of you are waiting until the last minute… Well, the last minutes are officially here, so I invite you to take a couple of these minutes and be part of the making of this album. When you hear one of these songs on national radio one day, your first thought after, “I can’t believe I just heard six car insurance ads in a row” is going to be, “I made that song happen!”

Click for the PledgeMusic site

Much happiness,

What, he’s playing high schools now? Well, sort of…

What a wonderful experience this past weekend! I was lucky enough to go back to high school again for one night, but as Ezekiel Jay rather than nerdy little Zeke Parnow. It was our Piner High reunion for the classes of 1994 and ’95, and I was the opening entertainment for the night, rocking my one-man show with the guitar, cajon, and I even had a harmonica ready just in case. I sung my way through some Gin Blossoms, Aerosmith, Montell Jordan… At the end, Sara (my sis in law, class of 95!) joined me for Pearl Jam’s Alive and I could see that we had everyone’s attention because it kicked ass.

Thanks to Eric Madura for the photo!

It was a great night, having the (sometimes hazy) memories come back to me, triggered by a name or a face or a story. I noticed a sense of having transformed into someone else in 20 years. At the same time, I was noticing the ways in which I am still similar to how I was then. Let’s list, shall we?

SAME as 1994:
* I still work with software
* I still drive a 15 year old car and don’t give a crap, long as it runs
* Still noodle on a guitar (ok, now it’s MANY guitars)
* Still feel alone sometimes
* Still over-worry about things
* Still wonder what it’s like to feel like a grown-up

DIFFERENT from 1994:
* I could make you think I’m an extrovert (I’m not: file under SAME AS 1994)
* I’m a competent songwriter
* I have performed on stage dozens of times. Possibly a hundred by now?
* Not a virgin (whew)
* I have tools for developing myself as a conscious human and sometimes even use them
* I like whiskey
* I don’t mind being the center of attention
* I’m not afraid to boast sometimes (that’s why this list is longer)

So, ten hour drive there, ten hours back, and now the routine starts again. Software work, record project stuff, EZJ practice, DNT practice, cleaning up my mess of a house. AND, there are exactly 2 weeks left to meet my goal for the Ezekiel Jay 2015 album. We’re at 62% and if you’ve been waiting to buy pre-sale and help me get to the goal, well, my heart rate is up a little…

The link, again, is