Song Title Spoilers

Photo: Jessica Hull

As I get more and more excited about this record, I want to tell you everything about it! Unfortunately, I can’t do that because I need to hold some cards close. But to keep your interest, let me share all the song titles from the album and you can guess what they might be about…

Anomaly, Capricorn Heart, Everything You Own, Front Row, Insecure, Moved, Overwhelmed, Pay Myself, Run You Out, Stare, Sun Blind, You Are Not A Child

I have chosen an album title and I’m currently working with an illustrator on the cover art. What was once just a representation is now becoming real – like Pinocchio! Or Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science. Or the mannequin from Mannequin.

Video footage:
Lead Guitar with Daniel Crawford
Bass and Rhythm Guitar (Dave and Ezekiel)
Full Band Session (time lapse)
Goof-off Stuff (band)