Careful. This one’s got Emotional Charge!

I need to catch you up! There has been a lot going on with Ezekiel Jay. First, the Emotional Charge tracks were mastered in early February and made available exclusively to the PledgeMusic supporters! Physical CDs are not pressed yet but will be available at the official launch in April. Full album downloads will also be available on my website, iTunes, Amazon, etc. I’m not sure what, if anything, to put on Spotify yet…

Speaking of the website, you can hear two tracks, Moved and Front Row, from the Emotional Charge album and then vote for the single that gets pushed to radio stations! Or if you’ve already heard the tracks, you can vote directly here.

Finally, EZJ is performing a “preview” set at 9 pm on March 31 at the Music Box in San Diego. The big release show will be mid-April. Look for more details on those…

I am beyond excited! EZJ is gonna kill it this year.

Robot Dude Scaled






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