Let’s Play Outside!

ezj-outsideI just wanted to acknowledge how grateful I am to you for staying interested in my continuing music career. Without you, I would be a hobbyist musician making recordings in my bedroom. Instead, I have released two full-length studio records into the world and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

One can only imagine where I might be if I’d had the courage to start performing when I was 18 instead of 30 years old, but I had no way of knowing it was even possible back then. Different person, different life, different view of myself. However, some good things about starting late are that I never got addicted to cigarettes or cocaine, and I never had a band break up because of “drama”, e.g. the bass player stole the drummer’s girlfriend.

Anyway, summer’s here! Let’s play some outside shows, starting this week:

Thursday, June 23, 6pm-8pm (happy hour show)
EZJ Trio @ Bella Vista Caffe, UCSD
2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037

Friday, July 8, 12pm-2pm
Sounds of Summer popup concert series
7th & B St. (in front of Merrill Lynch)
EZJ solo (duo?)

Friday, July 22, 12pm-2pm
Sounds of Summer popup concert series
Broadway and India St. (in front of US Bank)
EZJ solo (duo?)



EZJ Concert Video by Paul Reese


Want to see a great video of last month’s Emotional Charge album release show edited by the talented Paul Reese? Check it out here! And thank you again to everyone who came out to The Irenic see the show. The parking was bad, but everything else was pretty damn good no?

So I have to admit that I took a little bit of time off after the show to recharge. I probably took too much time off. If I had an agent, he or she would have been on my case to start taking some gigs! Well I finally am, imaginary agent. You hear me?

Thursday, June 23, 6-8pm (happy hour show)
Bella Vista Caffe @ UCSD
EZJ Trio

July 8 & July 22
Downtown San Diego
Sounds of Summer popup concert series
More details to come!