Gurlz Talk Rawk! with Ezekiel Jay

Beth Vinas and Traci Smith, hosts of Gurlz Talk Rawk

This past week I sat down with the Gurlz Talk Rawk radio show on to talk about what it’s like being an indie singer songwriter. If you want to hear the show (and find out what Simpsons character I am) it’s right here.

The show was fantastic but afterward I felt a little bad because I missed many shout outs to people who have helped me become the performer that I am. That list is certainly in the hundreds, but in this email I wanted to at least acknowledge all the people who have played with me in bands over the years.

The Big Winners were my first band and I was the drummer. I got my first taste of being on stage and did my first studio recording. I owe my start as a musician to them. Thanks Andy Franco and Aaron Caldwell!

I am also profoundly grateful to the guys in DNT (aka Danny and the Tramp) who have given me so many new experiences that helped me grow in my performance and songwriting ability. And they are great friends. We’ve played The Roxy and HOB in LA, the Casbah, the Belly Up, and many more, and we’re still at it after 5+ years! Thank you so much to Dan, John, Brandon, Kyle, and Shanna.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has been a part of the EZJ band over the years. The original incarnation had drummer Toby Ahrens (Robin Henkel, The Nova Trio), Brock Smith (Patrick Norton band) on bass, and Ryan Irby (currently with LA’s Shelby Spalione) on lead guitar. Since then the lineup has changed around a bit. Drummer Mike Reedy and bassist Dave Stone have been with EZJ for 2 years now. Every member of DNT has played shows with us at some point, and we’ve also had various guest players/singers: Cole Peterson, Justin Wright (A New Normal), Wil Forbis, Steve Allen (The Ballad Mongers), Jill Nooren, Heather Nation, Daniel Crawford (Blackout Party), Josh Weinstein, and I’m sure I’m missing a few!

So I guess it takes a village to raise a songwriter. And, at the risk of sounding like an NPR pledge drive, it takes the support of listeners like you. Deepest thanks to everyone who has driven miles or spent dollars because they believe in me.