An EZJ Fail

I remember when I used to wait until the last day to do a big school project and somehow I would always get it done. However, in the adult world, sometimes you can’t do that. A few weeks ago I decided, on the last possible day, to make a video for the 2017 NPR Tiny Desk Contest. I spent all day recording and editing, finishing at about 8:30pm and thought I would still have a few hours to spare before the midnight deadline. Then I checked something. Midnight Eastern time! I frantically sent the video to Youtubeezjcapture and stressed out as the upload bar chugged along. At 8:57pm, without having previewed the Youtube version, I marked it public and pasted the link into the NPR submission form. I had made it!! I was damn proud of myself as I clicked the button to watch it. And, to my horror, the audio was totally distorted garbage. Something had gone wrong with the sound compression and I couldn’t possibly release it. I wasn’t going to turn in D+ work. The next day, deadline missed, I fixed the audio problem and deleted the original link. NPR will never see it, but, and here’s the silver lining, you still can! It’s HERE and it will entertain you. Enjoy!

More News:

Acoustic Breakfast with EZJ @ Sheldon’s Cafe
Saturday, March 25, 8:00am to 11:30am
8401 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942

Also, Ezekiel Jay’s “Moved” appears on the Spring Sampler Compilation CD for the Orange County Music League. Huge thank you to them for selecting me and check out their page HERE!



Weapons of Mass Connection

Are you angry? Cool. Get out there and tell the world what you are angry about. Or rather, who. Yes, you know who I am talking about. I am not angry. I am concerned, definitely. And I feel compassion for those who are genuinely scared about America’s future. So I am going to be unleashing…

The weapons of mass connection.

Every day. My targets are those feeling hopeless or scared, or just anyone, really. I could strike at any time. Nobody will suspect me because I just look like some random dude minding my own business and then *BAM* I’m declaring chemical warfare on your depression via your own rising serotonin levels!

“Oh my god that guy is givingĀ up his parking space to me even though he was there first! He’s insane, call someone!”

“Holy shit, that guy is about to tell me something he likes about me! Stop him! Arggghhhh it’s tooo laaate!”

And it’s not just me, there are more of us. See, Donald Trump, I’m not sure how much you are actually concerned about Islamic terrorists, but regardless, the real threat to you is already deep inside the country. Many of us are natural born US citizens. We aren’t scared of you and we’re not subject to your division tactics because we operate outside of political affiliations. Nobody will see us coming. And we’re recruiting.

Rainbow Bomb