Is it Fair? Yes it is!

ezjphotovestNext month, The Ezekiel Jay Band plays the SD Fair for the first time in 3 years! You know, in San Diego we experience something called June Gloom, where it’s overcast for much of the day from May until July. But we might as well call it the June BOOM because we’re going to be making some noise! Check it out:

* EZJ Band filming at CCMA studios – this Sunday, May 28!
Sun, May 28, 2-5 pm
(Originally scheduled for April)
The gurlz of Gurlz Talk Rawk, Traci and Beth, want to film an EZJ Band performance for their new Studio Sessions program. This will be an in-studio show with interview! RSVP or email me if you can make it. It’s in the San Marcos area.

* EZJ Band at the San Diego County Fair
Friday, June 9, 4:30-5:30 pm
So it IS fair! Check us out at the O’Brien stage right near the front entrance.

* EZJ Band at De Oro Mine Company
Friday, June 9, 8-11pm
Sharing the night with Kathryn Cloward. Our second show that day!
Event Page

* EZJ solo at Sheldon’s Cafe, La Mesa
Good food and tons of covers and originals
Saturday, June 24, 11:30am – 3pm



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