One word: AnimatedEZJMusicVideo

When was the last time Ezekiel Jay partnered with a talented artist to produce an animated music video for one of his songs? That’s right, it has never happened… until now.

I may have limited my live shows a bit, but it doesn’t mean great things aren’t happening on the sly, unbeknownst to all. I have always wanted to do a video for the song Front Row, because it has little stories that lend themselves to being told with… perhaps… foxes, iguanas and yaks. My friend, illustrator Nick Navatta, said he was up for the challenge of making that happen. So Nick and I now bring you:


Front Row, the musical. Enjoy!

Also, if you want to come out and help me celebrate my birthday, this year’s EZJ birthday show will be at:

Sheldon’s La Mesa
April 14, 2018, 10am to 1:30pm